Getting there

Address: 21 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089487

About us

Yokowa specialises in Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese meal, which is also a work of fine culinary art that not just involves the usage of the freshest produce but also the combination of different cooking techniques and presentation/plating skills. In other words, it is Japanese food at its finest. The restaurant is helmed by Tachibana Hideaki Sensei who aims to bring authentic Japanese flavours to Singapore.

Love your POS

We evaluated 3 different systems and decided to go with Instut that has the most assurance of what we need and value for our investment. In terms of technology, iPad POS system provide better user interface and easy to use. The kitchen wanted to receive the orders that send from the waiter which located at the second floor, so it is not possible for the waiter to rush to kitchen to inform what to prepare or if customer wanted to cancel any food items, kitchen need to get notify quickly. We are happy with the systems so far, and have requested the vendor to make some improvement on the functionality, and they agree to develop that for us too!

Love your customer

Yokowa is our early days customer after we have launch, for us as a new startup POS solution provider to compete with more establish player, we are lacking of brand advantages or reference case. The only way for us to convince the customer is to give them assurance that we will be there whenever they need us, at anytime. And that's our motto at all time. Ultimately, POS is a service that the client is buying, apart from the technology. We know we can catcht up with any technology others can do, but being responsive to customer and committed to them is more important than anything else. And we are gratful that Yokowa believe in us.