Getting there

Changi Hawker Center #01-52,
2 Changi Village Road,
Singapore 500002

Whampoa Makan Place #01-50,
90 Whampoa Drive,
Singapore 320090

About us

At 稳稳白米粉 (Woon Woon Pek Beehoon), We aim to serve all our valued customers fresh and delectable seafood white vermicelli at an affordable price. All our seafood and ingredients are mindfully selected for our broth to ensure your utmost enjoyment.

So gather your loved ones and enjoy this lip-smacking dish together now!

Love your POS

"Hawker where got use POS systems?". That is the impression we got from the other food stall adjacent. But we see the importance to have a POS systems and keep track of our business while we are not around. With the POS systems we can still keep track of our business away from the stall. Our worries is that if the POS systems can cope with the lunch or dinner hours where the queue will be very long and speed is the most important feature we need. We also know that, there will be some customization on the current software and we are happy that Instut is willing to improvise the systems for us, despite the low subscription fee of $28/monthly.

Love your customer

We are well aware of the hawker center operation where speed and accuracy will be push to the limit. For iPad POS, it is relatively new concepts and we are glad that Woon Woon is willing to use our systems to manage both of their stores. In return, we will look into every issue they brought up and do our best to resolve it, regardless of the profit and cost justifications. It is important for us to make sure iKiosk ca survive in the most demanding environment and benefits the rest of the customers. It just align with our commitment to develop the fastest POS!