The Instut project

October 20, 2016

The Instut project

The genesis begins in 2009, where we (EISOL) started our partnership with Vend, a global leading retail pos solution. Vend is unique and provide something extra that market is not offering, the cloud based pos systems that are capable of operating online and offline. The launching of vend stir up the retail community and quickly retailer see the benefit of the solutions especially for those who operate in multiple locations.

Pricing of the conventional pos solution is always at the high end, where it is something that small retailers are unable to afford despite that they know the pos systems will increase operational efficiency significantly. And cloud based pos solutions (aka SaaS POS) just answer to this at the perfect timing.

The best thing about cloud-based pos is the free trial of the software before you have to fork out the investment, even though it is a small one where any business can afford. As a first vend partner in Asia, we quickly realize the potential of the SaaS solutions and rapidly grow from a micro start-up solution provider to a stable start-up.

As a solution provider, we also learn that our clients come from a different type of businesses, not just retail. We have to turn away some of the inquiry because we are carrying a retail solution, not F&B, and they are not the same even though both are called pos systems.

We have tried to work with different solution providers who carry F&B software and the quest of seeking right partners is never easy. Often we ended up somewhere far from what our client expected, such as localization, software functionality, or pricing. The gaps cannot be filled and the projects stalled and time and energy wasted.

In 2016, we embarked on a new milestone to assemble a development team that comprises of 12 software developers, many have outstanding merit in the particular field they are strong at. The project is lead by veteran technopreneur, Haki who is the architect behind the solutions Instut currently offer, iSuite - business IT suite for retail, F&B, salon and more. With Haki spearheaded the project and contribute a great deal of time and energy, we believe our team is destined to build something great for every company and empower them to do more.

In Instut, we believe it continuous learning and we should always listen to the client. We also believe in a mutually beneficial relationship to help business to grow without burdening them with expensive subscription or support fees.

Hence we start with very low month subscription for a POS solutions that micro startup will find it useful and affordabale.